Language Peer Tutoring

Yale-NUS provides language tutoring to students taking languages on campus. The tutoring format for each language varies. Please reach out to Languages@Yale-NUS or the language peer tutors if you need more information on the language peer tutoring arrangements. You may also approach your instructor during their office hours if you need more guidance or have questions about the course.

Tutors for Modern Languages
Chinese (Yale-NUS) Spanish (Yale-NUS) French (CLS) Japanese (CLS) Bahasa Indonesia (CLS) Arabic (CLS)
– Wandan Li
– Li Jiayi
– Wu Lingxin
– Zhai Qiutong
– Jia Tang
– Xie Yihui
– Beatrice Baquero-Salah
– Adolfo Castro Domínguez
– Suyeon Lee
– Paula León Mora
– Nathalia Murillo Rengifo
– Benedict Tan
Morgane Darya Vassilisa Ropion Momoka Ando Natasha Kristina TBD
Tutors for Classical Languages
Classical Chinese (Yale-NUS) Latin (Yale-NUS) Ancient Greek (Yale-NUS) Sanskrit (Yale)
Chan Jun Hong Huang Kangsheng Carson Manka Bajaj

For information about the Peer Tutoring Programme, you can visit the Centre for Teaching and Learning website.