Our Ambassadors

Language Ambassadors are motivated Yale-NUS students with a passion for a particular language offered at the College. They are in charge of organizing small activities around campus to promote interest in language studies and enhance the language learning experience happening in the classroom. If you are interested in becoming a Language Ambassador, please contact Eduardo Lage-Otero.


Desiree Freeman

Class of 2024

Hello Everyone! My name is Desiree, and I am from the Class of 2024. I speak English and Mandarin and I’m currently learning French at school! I revel in learning new languages and I understand how challenging it might be at times. I truly believe that practice makes perfect, and here at Yale-NUS there is no lack of opportunities to converse and learn from peers. As a Language Ambassador, I hope to encourage a love for multilingualism; this is through the many resources our team offers here at school. Do feel free to approach me about my own learning experiences!

Matthew Ling

Class of 2024

Hello! I’m Matthew, and I’m from the class of 2024. I speak English and French primarily, but I understand Cantonese, I’ve picked up some Spanish, and I’m learning Mandarin. For me, learning languages is a thoroughly challenging yet exciting and rewarding experience, and I love the thrill of meeting speakers of different languages. I look forward to engaging with the rich linguistic diversity at Yale-NUS and helping students interested in learning languages at Yale-NUS to make the most of all the opportunities we offer. I’m always open to a chat about learning new languages, even and especially about languages I have yet to learn!

Aruzhan Shalabayeva

Class of 2024

Hi! My name is Aru, and I am from the Class of 2024. I speak Russian and English, and I would understand you if you talked to me in Kazakh. Like many students in Yale-NUS, I enjoy picking up new languages and believe that it is important to recognize the effort and commitment necessary to truly master a language. As a Language Ambassador, I hope to show students that they can pursue any interest that involves languages with the help of resources that our Programme offers, no matter the level of fluency!