Our Ambassadors

Language Ambassadors are motivated Yale-NUS students with a passion for a particular language offered at the College. They are in charge of organizing small activities around campus to promote interest in language studies and enhance the language learning experience happening in the classroom. If you are interested in becoming a Language Ambassador, please contact Eduardo Lage-Otero.


So Kuon

Class of 2021

Hi! I am So, from the Class of 2021. I speak Khmer, English, and a little bit of French. I have always been interested in learning languages, mainly because I was raised in a community where only one language (Khmer) is predominantly used. As a current senior, I hope to be a source of guidance to my peers and juniors, so they can maximize their use of resources provided by the college specifically by the Languages Programme. I am amazed to hear stories of people who were taking a completely foreign language for the first time in Yale-NUS and managed to take classes in that language during their semester abroad in Chile. As a Language Ambassador, I look forward to encouraging students to pursue their interest in languages through various projects and initiatives.

Ruella Che Xinrui

Class of 2021

Hello! I’m Ruella, from the Class of 2021. I speak English, Mandarin, some French, and a very tiny bit of Japanese. Learning foreign languages has always been a passion and a valuable process for me, and I am grateful to be able to contribute to our college community through promoting the many language learning opportunities available here. Be it academically or through language tables and casual conversations, I find it important to take advantage of the opportunities and the linguistic diversity we have here within the Yale-NUS community.

Ng Jun Jie

Class of 2022

안녕! 你好!Hola! Hello! I am Jun Jie from the Class of 2022! I am from Singapore, where I was born, bred and conscripted. I am proficient in both English and Mandarin Chinese, and am concurrently picking up both Korean in NUS and Spanish in Yale-NUS due to my interest in the Korean Peninsula and Latin America. I am excited not only to learn new languages, which can allow me to understand different cultures more in depth, but am also excited to be promoting the learning of new languages in Yale-NUS as Language Ambassador. After all, I am walking my talk!