Our Ambassadors

Language Ambassadors are motivated Yale-NUS students with a passion for a particular language offered at the College. They are in charge of organizing small activities around campus to promote interest in language studies and enhance the language learning experience happening in the classroom. If you are interested in becoming a Language Ambassador, please contact Eduardo Lage-Otero.


Jason Carlo Carranceja

Class of 2018
Hi! My name is Jason, and I hail from the Philippines. I am a Filipino-Chinese who grew up in a household that regularly code switches between English, Filipino, Mandarin, and Hokkien. You could say I grew up in a multilingual household!
At Yale-NUS College, I started learning Spanish. Taking up a new language opened an unforeseen interest, which set the course for my current academic interest in Latin American studies. Just within three years of learning Spanish, I spent one summer in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to learn Spanish, and then followed up with one semester at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in Santiago, Chile.
Nonetheless, Yale-NUS also provided me with opportunities to further my knowledge in Chinese. Last year, I took an Advanced Chinese literature class and a Hokkien class independently organized by students.
Languages are fun and interesting, and I hope that you will also be interested in learning another language. If you are interested in practicing Chinese or Spanish, or want to learn more about the study abroad opportunities in languages, let me know! Who knows, we might also practice code-switching between multiple languages!

Xia Bosen

Class of 2019

Hello! I’m Bosen from Class of 2019. I have always been a passionate language learner. Fascinated by the sheer enthusiasm and expressiveness of both Latin American and South Asian culture, I have been learning Spanish at Yale-NUS College and Hindi at Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at NUS. I am also dedicated to promoting the learning of my mother tongue Chinese by being actively involved in Global China Connection and playing Zhang Sheng in the school Chinese Opera production the West Wing.  For me, learning new languages grants me new ways to express my innermost feelings. Being able to speak the local tongue when traveling also allows me to fully absorb the local way of life.

Ruella Che Xinrui

Class of 2021

Hello! I’m Ruella, from the Class of 2021. I speak English, Mandarin, some French, and a very tiny bit of Japanese. Learning foreign languages has always been a passion and a valuable process for me, and I am grateful to be able to contribute to our college community through promoting the many language learning opportunities available here. Be it academically or through language tables and casual conversations, I find it important to take advantage of the opportunities and the linguistic diversity we have here within the Yale-NUS community.