Yale-NUS students have access to a range of internships, coordinated by the Centre for International and Professional Experience, to hone in their academic and professional skills. Students can find out more about the opportunities available via Symplicity. Some internships where the ability to speak another language may give you an edge are listed below.

Dylan Cotter (Class of 2021)

Summer Internship at GiGadgets, in Beijing (China)

I took part in a 10 weeks program called “Duke in China”, sponsored by CIPE. The first 7 weeks were dedicated to language classes, and 1 on 1 sessions with teachers in the morning to improve both my written and conversational Chinese. Afternoons were dedicated to the memorization of characters and grammatical structures. During the last 3 weeks of the program, I instead got the chance to intern in a Chinese company, GiGadgets, which operates in the social media advertising industry. There, I had the opportunity to gain experience in both data analytics and Chinese. 

I found these weeks to be valuable and rewarding, as most of my colleagues were originally from China and this allowed me to converse with them in Chinese about a wide variety of topics, from business-related discussions to extracurriculars and politics as well. It was a great opportunity to gain experience in the conversational aspect of the language indeed. Also, I got to appear on Chinese TV as I got interviewed for their CCTV!

Celeste Beh (Class of 2020)

Internship at the Singapore Federation for Chinese Clan Associations

I was interning at the Singapore Federation for Chinese Clan Associations over the summer. This is an organisation with many aims. They have different departments which focus on aspects like research, culture and outreach. While I was there, I was mainly focusing on reimagining their website. However, there were times where I would help to translate articles and press releases from Chinese to English. Some of the design work I worked on was also for the Chinese language website, and I think those opportunities challenged me, especially in the translation work! When we were at events, we also needed to brief participants and the public in Chinese before certain programs. This allowed me to spend more time speaking in Chinese, something I wouldn’t do normally during term time and appreciated tremendously.

Fortman Cline Capital Markets – Makati City, Philippines

Internship opportunities at FortmanCline.

Peggy Guggenheim Collection – Venice, Italy

Internship opportunities at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.