There are many professional paths where having the ability to speak another language or knowing a classical language is considered an asset. For instance, companies operating in Singapore and the region which require employees to be based in other countries or to travel for work will have a preference for candidates who are able to speak the local languages. Companies such as Google, Procter & Gamble (P&G), Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Control Risks, Garena and Microsoft have indicated that some of their roles in Asia seek candidates proficient or with an understanding of local languages. Examples of careers which require language skills are featured below. For more information on career options, please contact CIPE. For general information about language careers, you may refer to the following websites:

JET Programme

The Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme

The JET Programme gives you the opportunity to spend several years in Japan teaching and sharing your knowledge with Japanese students.

CIA Language Careers

Become a language instructor or a language officer at the CIA.

“The CIA values all foreign language skills, even if this skill set is not your main focus. In fact, CIA has a comprehensive Language Incentive Program that fosters the acquisition and maintenance of foreign language skills. New employees who already possess excellent language skills may be eligible for a significant hiring bonus.” (Source: CIA) NB: Only those with US citizenship can be hired at the CIA.

United Nations (UN) Language Careers

Become an interpreter, translator, or other language staff at the UN.

The United Nations Secretariat recruits a variety of language staff, including translators, interpreters, editors, verbatim reporters, copy preparers/proofreaders/production editors, terminologists and reference assistants. These specialist fields cover the Organization’s six official languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish).” (Source: UN)