• Next Month, 01 Jan 2021

    Ms. Mo Zhang to join Yale-NUS in January 2021 as full-time Chinese Lecturer

    Ms. Mo Zhang received her M.A. in Chinese Linguistics and Language Acquisition from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Before joining Yale-NUS, she was Preceptor in Chinese and course head of Pre-Advanced Modern Chinese at Harvard University. Prior to joining Harvard University, she taught Chinese language at Williams College and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her recent projects include developing remote teaching materials for advanced level students and studying grammar difficulty quantitatively and qualitatively. At Yale-NUS she will teach Chinese language and culture courses at all levels and coordinate the Chinese language programme.

  • Previous Month, 29 Jun 2020

    Language FAQ AY20-21 Sem 1

    Read this document for the latest updates on language teaching next semester. The document will be updated as new information becomes available.

  • Previous Month, 10 Jun 2020

    Beginning Bangla 1 to be offered via Teleconference, AY20-21 Semester 1

    In collaboration with AIIS Kolkata, we will offer Beginning Bangla 1 via teleconference in semester 1, AY 20-21. Contact with any questions.

  • Previous Month, 20 Mar 2019

    Registering for Ancient Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, and Italian

    In order to facilitate the registration process for Ancient Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, and Italian, the final timetable has not been set during Rounds 1A and 1B. If you are interested in studying one of these languages next semester, please select the module in Round 1A or Round 1B (these modules will appear with a dummy schedule). At the end of those rounds, Registry will work with the module instructor on a suitable timetable that will accommodate as many students as possible. You will find out whether your registration was successful when Round 2 opens in July 2019.
    More details on the registration process available soon. Contact with any questions.

  • Previous Month, 12 Apr 2019

    Hiring Language Peer Tutors

    If you are interested in becoming a Language Peer Tutor next semester, please apply via this link. We are likely to need tutors in Ancient Greek, Chinese, Italian, Latin, Sanskrit and Spanish, and some of the languages offered via CLS (Bahasa Indonesia, Korean, and Japanese). Email if you have any questions.

  • Previous Month, 31 Dec 2018

    AIIS summer 2019 and academic year 2019-2020 language programs in India

    Please note that the application deadline is December 31, 2018 this year. If interested, please contact Prof. Van Hollen

    The American Institute of Indian Studies welcomes applications for its summer 2019 and academic year 2019-2020 language programs. Programs to be offered include Hindi (Jaipur), Bengali (Kolkata), Punjabi (Chandigarh), Tamil (Madurai); Marathi (Pune), Urdu (Lucknow), Telugu (Hyderabad), Gujarati (Ahmedabad), Kannada (Mysore), Malayalam (Thiruvananthapuram), Mughal Persian (Lucknow), Sanskrit (Pune) and Pali/Prakrit (Pune). We will offer other Indian languages upon request. All academic year applicants should have the equivalent of two years of prior language study. For summer Sanskrit, we require the equivalent of two years of prior study; for summer Bengali, Hindi and Tamil we require the equivalent of one year of prior study. For summer Urdu, we require the equivalent of one year of either Hindi or Urdu. We can offer courses at all levels, including beginning, in other Indian languages for the summer. Summer students should apply for FLAS or other funding if available at their institutions to cover the costs of the program. Funding for Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu may be available through the U.S. State Department’s CLS program (see AIIS has some funding available for summer students who cannot procure their own funding. This funding is allocated on the basis of the language committee’s ranking of the applicants. AIIS will award language fellowships, on a competitive basis, to academic year and fall semester students, which would cover all expenses for the program. AIIS offers Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Urdu and other languages at all levels for the fall, although fellowships would only be available for students who will have had the equivalent of two years of prior language study by the beginning of the program. AIIS will offer funding to masters students to complete a capstone project of their choosing upon completion of the summer program. There will also be a special Mughal Persian archives workshop at the end of the summer 2019 Mughal Persian program in Lucknow. The application deadline is December 31, 2018.  Applications can be downloaded from the AIIS web site at For more information: Phone: 773-702-8638. Email:

  • Previous Month, 05 Nov 2018

    Round 1 of the Course Enrollment Process Starting Soon!
    For general instructions, please visit
    For course listings, see
    For module information, go to

  • Previous Month, 12 Oct 2018

    Summer Language Opportunities via CIPE (Applications due soon!)

    Chinese Language Scholarship
    Santander International Experience Scholarship
    Application process will open on 22 October 2018 (Monday) and end on 23 November 2018 (Friday) at 5:00pm.

  • Previous Month, 27 Jul 2018

    CLS Japanese 1
    A Japanese 1 tutorial section from CLS will be taught at Yale-NUS in AY18/19 Sem 1. This section will meet on Mondays and Thursdays from 8 to 10:00am in Programme Room 2. For more information on CLS modules, please visit this link.

  • Previous Month, 01 Aug 2018

    Learn Sanskrit Online
    For details on the course, please visit this document.
    Note: this online course is free but no credit is awarded.