Language Placement

If you want to study a new language, you can simply sign up for the beginning level course. There is no need for a placement exam. In some instances, however, you may have studied a language before joining Yale-NUS or during a summer programme. In those cases, you have to take a placement exam to identify the correct course you should sign up for. At times, instead of taking an exam, you will have to contact the instructor teaching that course.

Modern Languages
Chinese (Yale-NUS) Spanish (Yale-NUS) Italian (Yale) Russian (Yale)
Contact Ms. He Yingshu Contact Dr. Lage-Otero Contact Dr. Lage-Otero Contact Dr. Lage-Otero
Classical Languages
Chinese (Yale-NUS) Greek (Yale-NUS) Latin (Yale-NUS) Sanskrit (Yale)
Contact Dr. Cook Contact Dr. Green Contact Dr. Green Contact Dr. Keating

For NUS Centre for Language Studies (CLS) language courses, please visit their website to find more information about particular languages and when the placement exam is offered. Keep in mind that the information on the exact date and time may only be posted a month before the test, so make a note to check closer to the beginning of the semester.

If you have any questions, please contact the relevant staff member at CLS. For Japanese and Korean you need to register in order to take the placement exam.