Language Proficiency Certificate

Yale-NUS College will award a Certificate of Language Proficiency at the Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Levels for the modern languages taught on our campus to Yale-NUS, NUS, and exchange students. To qualify for this certificate, students must meet the following criteria:

  • To have successfully completed the two modules of a particular sequence at Yale-NUS (see table below)
  • To have obtained a “B” grade or higher (Note: S/U or “Satisfactory” grades are not allowed)


  • The Certificate will not form part of a student’s transcript or diploma, but is motivated by the desire to support students in applications for internships or other activities in non-English language environments.
  • The Certificate will only be awarded for Yale-NUS-approved language courses, hosted by Yale-NUS (including those taught via teleconference).
  • Students can only request one certificate for each level
  • The College encourages students to seek further accreditation via standardized proficiency tests.
Beginning Intermediate Advanced
Chinese YLC1201 Beginning Chinese 1
YLC1202 Beginning Chinese 2
YLC2201 Intermediate Chinese 1
YLC2202 Intermediate Chinese 2
YLC3203 Advanced Chinese 1
YLC3204 Advanced Chinese 2
YLC3205 Advanced Readings in Chinese: Cinematic and Literary Texts
YLC3206 Advanced Readings in Chinese: Modern Chinese Literature
(Any two of the above)
Spanish YLS1201 Beginning Spanish 1
YLS1202 Beginning Spanish 2
YLS2201 Intermediate Spanish 1
YLS2202 Intermediate Spanish 2
YLS3201 Advanced Spanish: Spain, a mosaic of cultures
YLS3202 Advanced Spanish: Latin American, borders and identities
Italian YIL1201I Beginning Italian 1
YIL1202I Beginning Italian 2
YIL2201I Intermediate Italian 1
YIL2202I Intermediate Italian 2
Russian YIL1201R Beginning Russian 1
YIL1202R Beginning Russian 2
YIL2201R Intermediate Russian 1
YIL2202R Intermediate Russian 2

Request for certificate

Students can request a certificate via this form. Please attach a copy of your transcript as proof of your academic record. If you have already graduated, you can still request a certificate up to two years from the time of your graduation.

Collection of certificate

You can collect your certificate from the Registry Office at Yale-NUS. Please bring a photo ID to collect your certificate. If someone else is collecting it on your behalf, please notify the Registry Office ahead of time.

If you have already graduated or are an exchange student, you may request that the certificate be mailed to you. Please send a pre-paid, self-addressed A4 envelope with enough postage for domestic or international mailing to the Yale-NUS Registry Office at:

Yale-NUS College
16 College Avenue West #03-220
Singapore 138527

To obtain a certificate for languages learned via the NUS Centre for Language Studies, please visit their website.