Independent Language Study & Research

In consultation with a faculty member, a student or students should craft a 2.5MC proposal outlining the nature of the project and the work s/he intends to finish during the semester. This option is intended for an individual or small group of students – ordinarily 1-2 students– who would like to work with texts and other materials in a language other than English. Faculty can recommend projects to students, but the proposal as such should come from the students. Students should clearly articulate the goals of their project and what they aim to achieve by the end of the semester.

Example of successful proposal include:

  • “Exploring the transformation of Japanese Noh Literature” – Looking at Noh performances based on five modern Noh plays by Mishima Yukio
  • “Arab-Brazilian culture in literature and media” – Study of Middle East migration to Brazil and how it has impacted its culture. Poetry and television shows in Portuguese.
  • “Intensive first-year Greek” – Grammar and selected readings.
  • “Vasubandhu’s Thirty Verses” – A translation and grammatical analysis of this Sanskrit text.
  • “Love in Antiquity” – Supplementary Latin readings

Kindly read the following conditions carefully before submitting your Registration Form:

  1.  A student is allowed to read up to a maximum of two Independent Language Study and Research (ILSR) modules in a semester.
  2. A student may read up to a maximum of 7.5MC from IRR, ILSR and/or SPS throughout the student’s undergraduate career. If you have exceeded this limit, you are required to obtain the support of the Head of Studies of your major/minor and make an appeal to the Committee on Academic Standards (CAS) via your Assistant Dean.
  3. A student may count up to a maximum of 5MC from IRR, ILSR and/or SPS towards the major or independent minor with prior approval from Head of Studies (Major) or Coordinator (Independent Minor).
  4. A student may count up to a maximum of 2.5MC from IRR and/or ILSR towards the requirements for a minor with prior approval from the Head of Studies or Advisor (Minor).
  5. In extremely rare circumstances, an exception to the maximum above may be approved by the Chair of the Curriculum Committee following the relevant Divisional Director’s endorsement.
  6. By default, IRR, ILSR and/or SPS are graded Completed Satisfactory (CS) or Completed Unsatisfactory (CU). However, if you wish to count the Independent Study module to a Major or Minor, the Independent Study module will be registered as Letter Graded.

You can download the ILSR form here.

Some Yale-NUS faculty members* who can work with students in particular languages include:

Faculty Member Language
Amber Carpenter Sanskrit
Scott Cook Chinese, Classical Chinese
Steven Green Latin, Ancient Greek
Malcolm Keating Sanskrit
Eduardo Lage-Otero Spanish
Mira Seo Latin, Ancient Greek

* Note: Faculty do not receive teaching credit for this work and may not always be available to undertake a 2MC ILSR.