News and Events

  • Integrating Proficiency Assessment with Reverse...

    26 April 2018 (Thu)
    At Yale-NUS Library, Programme Room 1

    April 26-27, 2018 The Language Studies section in the Humanities Division at Yale-NUS, in collaboration with the Centre for Teaching and Learning and the NUS Centre for Language Studies, is glad to invite you to a 2-day workshop on Integrating Language Proficiency Assessment with Reverse Design Pedagogy. This workshop will be conducted by Dr. Ca...

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  • Language Info Session

    21 March 2018 (Wed) , 9:30-10:30pm
    At Shiok Shack

    The language ambassadors are organizing a language info session next Wednesday, 21 March, at 9:30 PM – 10:30 PM at the Shiok Shack! If you are interested in taking a language next semester or want to hear more about study abroad opportunities for language learners in the college, we invite you to drop by the...

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  • ParroTalk

    15 January 2018 (Mon)

    ParroTalk connects language learners who want to practice & improve their language speaking & listening skills by linking them face-to-face with native language speakers for a conversational session over a cup of coffee in the cafe, here in NUS. We have 200+ native speakers and language learners in our community, and over 20+ sessions ha...

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  • Language Learning via Teleconference

    31 August 2017 (Thu)

    Read about the experience of our students taking language courses via teleconference from the Yale Center for Language Study at

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  • Annual Language Fair 2017-18

    24 October 2017 (Tue) , Noon
    At Saga Dining Hall

    The Language Fair will take place on Tuesday, 24 October, in the Saga Dining Hall from 12.00pm to 1.00pm. There will be language faculty and students from Yale-NUS and the NUS Centre for Language Studies (CLS), CIPE and Library representatives, and members of various campus student groups.

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  • Tònes Next Issue

    1 September 2017 (Fri)

    The second issue has been launched and we are calling for submissions for our third issue!  With the holidays approaching, the next semester’s issue will be centred on theme of “summer”. We welcome pieces from all Yale-NUS students, faculty, and staff.

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  • Yale-NUS Language Exchange

    1 April 2017 (Sat)

    Follow this Facebook page to connect with others interested in language teaching and learning and share resources from cultures around the world.

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  • Tònes Launch Party

    20 April 2017 (Thu)

    The launch party of the second issue of Tònes, a multilingual magazine at Yale-NUS, will be held on Thursday, 20 April, at 8.00pm in the Elm Common Lounge.

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  • Language Fair 2017 Semester 2

    23 March 2017 (Thu)

    The Language Fair will take place on Thursday in the Saga Dining Hall from 12.00pm to 1.00pm. The Language Fair was attended by Yale-NUS and the NUS Centre for Language Studies (CLS) faculty members specialising in languages, CIPE representatives, and members of student groups involved with language and culture issues.

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