Languages in the Majors

Several of our Majors give you the opportunity to count one or two language courses towards the Major requirements.


  • All Anthropology Majors will take the following: […] six additional courses, two of which must be “advanced seminars” and two of which can be advanced or intermediate language classes relating to the capstone project; and two capstone seminars.
  • In addition to the major requirements, the faculty strongly recommends that anthropology students should be or should try to become proficient in at least one second language.

Global Affairs

  • A relevant foreign language course can count for 1 course (5 MC) credit toward the major. A foreign language is relevant when it is necessary to undertake research toward the capstone. Written approval from the Global Affairs Head of Studies is required for this to apply. Global Affairs minors cannot gain credit for language study.


  • Only one such course may be approved per language (and if differences in content and approach are to be submitted for support and approval, they will be treated as fresh applications within a single, generic placeholder approval from the CC: one per language at any given time in the curriculum).
  1. Any Literature major student can seek endorsement for no more than one such advanced language course cross-listed towards the Literature major.


  • Up to two non-philosophy courses may count towards the major, where a case is made on the basis of the proposed course’s content, or its fit with the particular philosophy interests and courses constituting a student’s way through the major. Such decisions are made in consultation with the student’s advisor, and may not be determinable in advance.